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Chapter 11 –  Denial-of-Service Attacks
     Diane E. (Dione) Levine
     Gary C. Kessler

Chapter Contents:

   11.1    Introduction
   11.2    Denial-of-Service Attacks
   11.2.1    History of Denial-of-Service Attacks
   11.2.2    Costs of Denial-of-Service Attacks
   11.2.3    Types of Denial-of-Service Attacks
   11.2.4    Specific Denial-of-Service Attacks    Destructive Devices    E-mail (and E-mail Subscription) Bombing    Buffer Overflow    [Bandwidth] Consumption    Routing and Domain Name System Attacks    SYN Flooding    Resource Starvation    Java    Router Attacks    Other Denial-of-Service Attacks
   11.2.5    Preventing and Responding to Denial-of-Service Attacks
   11.3    Distributed Denial-of-Service Attacks
   11.3.1    Short History of Distributed Denial of Service
   11.3.2    Distributed Denial-of-Service Terminology and Overview
   11.3.3    Distributed Denial-of-Service Tool Descriptions    Trinoo (Trin00)    Tribe Flood Network    Stacheldrah    TFN2K    Other Types of Distributed Denials of Service    Denial of Service Using Exploitable Software
   11.3.4    Defenses against Distributed Denials of Service    User and System Administrator Actions    Local Network Actions5    Internet Service Provider Actions    Code Red/NIMDA Defensive Actions    Other Tools under Development or Consideration
   11.4    Management Issues
   11.5    Note
   11.6    Suggested Resources

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