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Chapter 42 –  Business Continuity Planning
     Michael Miora, CISSP

Chapter Contents:

   42.1    Introduction
   42.1.1    Enterprise Risks and Costs
   42.1.2    Types of Disasters
   42.1.3    Recovery Scenarios
   42.2    Defining the Goals
   42.2.1    Scope
   42.2.2    Correlating Objectives to Corporate Missions and Functions
   42.2.3    Validating Goals
   42.2.4    Mapping Goals to Recovery Phases
   42.2.5    Emergency Issues
   42.3    Performing a Business Impact Analysis
   42.3.1    Establishing the Scope of the Business Impact Analysis
   42.3.2    Interview Process
   42.3.3    Describing the Functions
   42.3.4    Definition of Departments and Functions    Key Person, Key Alternate, and Department Head    Survival Time    Criticality    Operational Impact, Ranking Factor, and Number of Users    Category    System Elements
   42.4    Business Impact Analysis Matrix Analysis
   42.4.1    Listing the Functions Organizationally
   42.4.2    Finding Cross-Department Functions
   42.4.3    Using the Ranking Factor
   42.5    Justifying the Costs
   42.5.1    Quantitative Risk Model
   42.5.2    Generalized Cost Consequence Model
   42.6    For Further Reading

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