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Chapter 54 –  The Future of Information Security
     Peter Tippett

Chapter Contents:

   54.1    Risk Equation
   54.1.1    Threat
   54.1.2    Vulnerability
   54.1.3    Cost and Economic Impact
   54.1.4    Risk
   54.2    Seven Macrotrends in Internet Security
   54.2.1    Increasing Complexity Drives Accelerating Growth in Vulnerability
   54.2.2    Rapidly Changing Environment Drives Rapidly Changing Risks
   54.2.3    Greater All-to-All Connectivity Drives Greater Malicious Connectivity
   54.2.4    Growth in Internet Users Drives Growth in Internet Abusers
   54.2.5    Internet Anonymity Drives Tendency toward Abuse
   52.2.6    "E-Democritization" Drives Greater Power and Access for Abusers
   54.2.7    Lack of Accepted Security Processes Drives the Pursuit of Dogma    Password Policies    Encryption
   54.2.8    Five Microtrends in Internet Security
   54.3    Dynamic, Holistic Security Process
   54.3.1    Strongest Security: Fix Simple Things, and Repeat Often
   54.3.2    It Takes Three Mistakes to Kill You
   54.3.3    Coping with Malicious Code
   54.3.4    Insider Threats
   54.3.5    Effective Risk Management
   54.4    Envisioning the Future
   54.5    Notes

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