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Chapter 14 –  Physical Threats to the Information Infrastructure
     Franklin N. Platt

Chapter Contents:

   14.1    Introduction
   14.2    Background and Perspective
   14.2.1    Today's Risks Are Greater
   14.2.2    Likely Targets
   14.2.3    Productivity Issues
   14.2.4    Terrorism and Violence Are Now Serious Threats
   14.2.5    Costs of a Threat Happening
   14.2.6    Who Must Be Involved?
   14.2.7    A Standard Process
   14.2.8    Liability Issues
   14.2.9    Definitions and Terms
   14.3    Threat Assessment Process
   14.3.1    Set Up a Steering Committee
   14.3.2    Sources of Information and Assistance
   14.3.3    Identify All Possible Threats
   14.3.4    Determine the Likelihood of Each Threat
   14.3.5    Approximate the Direct Costs
   14.3.6    Consider Cascading Costs
   14.3.7    Prioritize the Threats
   14.3.8    Completing the Threat Assessment Report
   14.4    General Threats
   14.4.1    Natural Events    Blight    Building or Bridge Collapse    Dam Failure    Drought    Earthquake and Volcanic Eruption    Epidemic    Landslide    Flood    Hurricane or Tornado
   14.4.2    Technical Events    Utility Disruptions    Physical Attacks    Coordinated Attacks    Hazardous Material (HAZMAT) Incidents    Radiological Incidents    Biological Hazards
   14.4.3    Fire and Smoke
   14.4.4    Water Leaks and Flooding
   14.4.5    Environmental Problems    Dust    Humidity    Temperature    High-Intensity Radio-Frequency Flux
   14.4.6    Utility Problems
   14.5    Man-Made Threats
   14.5.1    Accidents
   14.5.2    Civil or Political Disorder
   14.6.3    Wiring Runs and Exposed Wire
   14.5.4    Intrusion
   14.5.5    Wiretaps
   14.5.6    High-Energy Radio-Frequency Weapons
   14.5.7    Workplace Violence and Terrorism
   14.6    Other Threats
   14.6.1    Off-Hour Visitors
   14.6.2    Storage Rooms
   14.6.3    Medical Emergencies
   14.6.4    Using an Illicit Terminal
   14.7    Confidential Information About Threats
   14.8    Summary
   14.9    Notes
   14.10    For Further Reading

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