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Chapter 6 –  The Psychology of Computer Criminals
     Q. Campbell
     David Kennedy, CISSP

Chapter Contents:

   6.1    Introduction
   6.1.1    Computer Crime Cost and Prevalence
   6.1.2    Recent Examples of Computer Crime
   6.2    Social Psychological Aspects of Computer Crime
   6.2.1    Anonymity, Aggression, and Computer Crime
   6.2.2    Social Presence and Computer Crime
   6.2.3    Deindividuation and Computer Crime
   6.2.4    Social Learning Theory of Computer Crime
   6.2.5    Individual Differences and Computer Criminals    Narcissistic personalities and computer criminals    Asperger syndrome and computer criminals    Computer addiction and computer crime
   6.2.6    Ethics and Computer Crime
   6.3    Classifications of Computer Criminals
   6.3.1    Early Classification Theories of Computer Criminals
   6.3.2    Rogers's New Taxonomy of Computer Criminals
   6.3.3    Virus Creators
   6.4    Summary and Conclusions
   6.5    Notes

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