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Chapter 3 –  Using a "Common Language" for Computer Security Incident Information
     John Howard
     Pascal Meunier, Ph.D.

Chapter Contents:

   3.1    Introduction
   3.2    Why a "Common Language" is Needed
   3.3    Development of the Common Language
   3.4    Computer Security Incident Information Taxonomy
   3.4.1    Events    Actions    Targets
   3.4.2    Attacks    Tool    Vulnerability    Unauthorized result
   3.4.3    Full Incident Information Taxonomy    Attackers and their objectives
   3.5    Additional Incident Information Terms
   3.5.1    Success and Failure
   3.5.2    Site and Site Name
   3.5.3    Other Incident Terms
   3.6    How to Use The Common Language

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