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Chapter 43 –  Disaster Recovery
     Michael Miora, CISSP

Chapter Contents:

   43.1    Introduction
   43.2    Identifying Threats and Disaster Scenarios
   43.2.1    Threats
   43.2.2    Disaster Recovery Scenarios
   43.3    Developing Recovery Strategies
   43.3.1    Recovery Phases
   43.3.2    Range of Strategies    Cold Sites    Hot Sites    Reciprocal Agreements    Internal Redundancy    Mobile Data Centers    Priority Replacement Agreements    Commercial Recovery Services    Reserve Systems
   43.3.3    Data Backup Scenarios and their Meanings
   43.4    Designing Recovery Tasks
   43.4.1    Beginning Sequence
   43.4.2    Middle Sequence
   43.4.3    End Sequence
   43.5    Implementation and Readiness
   43.6    Summary

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