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Chapter 5 –  Toward a New Framework for Information Security
     Donn Parker

Chapter Contents:

   5.1    Proposal for a New Information Security Framework
   5.1.1    Six Essential Foundation Elements    Loss scenario 1: Availability    Loss scenario 2: Utility    Loss scenario 3: Integrity    Loss scenario 4: Authenticity    Loss scenario 5: Confidentiality    Loss scenario 6: Possession    Conclusions about the six elements    What the dictionaries say about the words we use
   5.1.2    Comprehensive List of Information Losses    Complete list of potential information losses    Examples of loss and suggested controls    Physical Information and Systems Losses    Challenge of Complete Lists
   5.1.3    Functions of Information Security
   5.1.4    Selecting Safeguards Using a Standard of Due Care
   5.1.5    Threats, Assets, Vulnerabilities Model
   5.2    Clark-Wilson Integrity Model: A Framework for Business Applications Security
   5.2.1    Clark-Wilson Integrity Model Mechanisms and Principles    Mechanisms    Principles    Additional Principles
   5.2.2    Major Elements of the Clark-Wilson Integrity Model
   5.2.3    Certification Rules
   5.2.4    Model in Use
   5.3    Conclusions
   5.4    Notes

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