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Chapter 48 –  Y2K: Lessons Learned for Computer Security
     Tim Braithwaite

Chapter Contents:

   48.1    Looking Back
   48.2    Y2K: The Accusation and a Detailed Rebuttal
   48.2.1    The Allegation
   48.2.2    The Allegation and the Human Element
   48.3    Looking Ahead
   48.3.1    Y2K Was Really a Computer Security Issue
   48.3.2    Critical Infrastructure Protection
   48.3.3    Y2K Lessons Learned    Lesson 1: Information and Process Integrity Are Now Believed by Management to be Important to the Business    Lesson 2: "Supply Chain" Collaboration for Achieving Mutually Assured Information and Process Integrity Is Now Better Appreciated    Lesson 3: Information and Computer Processes Are Important Corporate Assets that Need to Be Rigorously Managed    Lesson 4: Y2K Demonstrated that Existing Technical Infrastructure Management Was Poor    Lesson 5: Risk Management Must Become a Way of Life    Lesson 6: Automated Business Environments Must Be Monitored Continually for New Vulnerabilities, and Their Protection Improved    Lesson 7: Y2K Became a Due Diligence Issue for the Board and So Will Computer Security
   48.4    Making Computer Security an Issue for the Board of Directors
   48.5    Thirteen Steps for Board Oversight
   48.6    Challenges to be Overcome
   48.7    Critical Infrastructure Protection Issues That Need Resolution
   48.8    Conclusion
   48.9    Notes

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