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Chapter 2 –  Cyberspace Law and Computer Forensics
     Robert A. Heverley
     Morgan Wright

Chapter Contents:

   2.1    Introduction
   2.2    Contracts
   2.2.1    Shrink-wrap Licenses
   2.2.2    Web-based Click Agreements
   2.2.3    Digital Signatures
   2.3    Intellectual Property
   2.3.1    Copyright    Inherent nature of copyright    Digital Millennium Copyright Act    Fair use    Software, counterfeits, and copies    Music and video piracy    Technology designed to defeat copyright protection    Copyright and Internet use: Links and frames
   2.3.2    Trademarks    Nature of trademark protection    Domain names and trademarks    Embedded text and trademark    Fair use and trademark    Domain name disputes: The ICANN process
   2.4    Privacy
   2.4.1    International Implications
   2.4.2    U.S. Constitutional Law
   2.4.3    U.S. Statutory Protection
   2.4.4    U.S. States' Statutory and Common Law Protection
   2.4.5    Contractual Protection of Privacy and Contractual Enforcement
   2.5    Defamation
   2.5.1    Persons Liable for Defamation
   2.5.2    U.S. Constitutional Issues
   2.6    Due Diligence and Private Liability
   2.6.1    Misstatements
   2.6.2    Negligent Network Administration
   2.7    Indecency and Obscenity
   2.7.1    Indecent and Obscene Communications and the U.S. Constitution
   2.7.2    Communications Decency Act
   2.7.3    Additional Issues Related to Indecent and Obscene Communications or Products
   2.8    Litigation
   2.8.1    Gathering Evidence
   2.8.2    Jurisdiction and Venue
   2.9    Criminal Acts
   2.9.1    Interception of Communications
   2.9.2    Intrusion and Trespass
   2.9.3    Destruction of Property (Web Defacement)
   2.9.4    Denial of Service
   2.9.5    Fraud
   2.9.6    Extortion
   2.10    Investigation
   2.10.1    Computer Forensics
   2.10.2    Media Seizure
   2.10.3    Documentation
   2.10.4    Preservation
   2.10.5    Restoration
   2.10.6    Examination
   2.10.7    Report of Examination

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