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Chapter 36 –  Auditing Computer Security
     Diane E. (Dione) Levine

Chapter Contents:

   36.1    Introduction
   36.1.1    Roles of External and Internal Auditors
   36.1.2    Role of the Electronic Data Processing Auditor
   36.1.3    Scope of Computer Security
   36.2    Electronic Data Processing System Controls
   36.2.1    Overall Electronic Data Processing Controls    System Development Controls    Computer Operation Controls    Program Revision Controls    Quality Assurance Controls    Telecommunications Security Controls    Data Library Controls
   36.2.2    Individual Application Controls    Input Controls    Processing Controls    Output Controls    Additional Controls
   36.3    Responsibility for Control of Electronic Data Processing
   36.3.1    Senior Management
   36.3.2    Data Processing Management and Staff    Data Originators    System Developers    Computer Operators    Data Users Management and Staff
   36.3.3    Auditors    Internal Auditors and Electronic Data Processing Auditors    External Auditors
   36.4    Auditing Computer Applications
   36.4.1    Audit Tools
   36.4.2    Work Papers
   36.4.3    Data Audit Programs
   36.4.4    Source Code and Other File Comparison Programs
   36.4.5    Computer-Assisted Audit Techniques
   36.4.6    Special Microcomputer Techniques
   36.4.7    Backup and Recovery
   36.5    Summary
   36.8    For Further Reading

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